About the 2013 Oshtemo Fireworks

The fireworks are being held on June 29, 2013 and are sponsored by S2 Games, along with Prairies Golf Course, Oshtemo Charter Township, and The Oshtemo and Kalamazoo Sunrise Rotary Clubs. In the event of inclement weather, the fireworks will be held on June 30th.

Family-Friendly Activities

Rotary Booth in First National Bank Parking Lot

Beginning at 6pm

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All proceeds from the event will benefit The Center for Fostering Success's Seita Scholar Program at Western Michigan University

Companies donating goods or services include Bestway, RWL Sign and Kalamazoo Electric.

Where to Watch The Fireworks

The 2013 Oshtemo fireworks can be viewed from a wide range of locations along West Main street between 131 and Drake road. The fireworks will be launched from The Prairies Golf Course, which will be offering its own activities including parking, seating, food, drinks, and entertainment by Blame Dad. Festivities near the pro-shop beginning at 6pm. Please refer to the map below for other locations that have been tested for visibility.

RED AREAS = are behind buildings that may block your view.

BLUE AREAS = limited public viewing locations offered by The Prairies Golf Club. You may visit the pro-shop beginning at 6pm for more information on viewing from this location.